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Searching For Inspiration Everywhere You Go

Sometimes it feels impossible to get inspired. Just like writers get writer's block, designers get creative block too. Sometimes I will sit at my computer staring at a blank document for hours to no avail. The creative juices just aren't awake.

So then what to do?

I try to look for inspiration and ideas everywhere I go. From the menu at dinner to packaging at the grocery store to the instruction manual for your tv, everything was designed. Signs on the road, tourist guides, coasters at the pub, your carton of milk, the evacuation procedure poster in your building, your bottle of water. Someone, somewhere sat down and thought about the typography, the colours and the layout for each one of these. They decided on the best way to tell this particular story. When I go out now, a menu isn't just a menu. It's a piece of someone's work. A carefully chosen set of colours, typography and graphics. I try to always pay attention and to soak in what's around me. If you start looking more closely, you'll be amazed what you find!

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